Shock Reservoir RACE / HD Endcap for FOX Shock 2.0"

This is a replacement endcap for the 2.0" FOX Shocks found on UTV's and ATV's (Polaris, Honda Talon X, Yamaha, Can Am , Kawasaki, Arctic Cat, Etc)

**These are for the smaller bodied reservoirs**

Here is the link to an installation video

Install Video

These RACE / HD Endcaps have been designed with many great features to upgrade the OEM endcaps helping reduce / eliminate failures and damage from rocks, debris, leaking rubber needle valves that will render your shock useless causing a DNF or abrupt end to your trail ride.

Features we have included are:

CNC Billet Aluminum Construction

Pre-installed Nickel Plated Schrader Valve (to eliminate the prone to leaking OEM rubber needle valve)

Fully recessed Schrader valve that reduces / eliminates damage due to rocks/debris/etc to the valve causing nitrogen loss and shock failure

CNC Billet Aluminum Schrader Cap with O-ring (integrated into the recess to provide extra support and sealing out dirt)

Conical shape to promote a smaller area for rocks/debris to hit as well as cause objects to glance off

Schrader valve is fully accessible utilizing many of the no-loss chucks on the market (Race-Tech nitrogen fill tool is what we use)

Ready to install with All O-rings included (reuse your existing snap ring) 

Schrader cap can be hand tightened OR use a 5/8" / 16mm box end wrench 12pt


If you arent sure what size shocks you have you can measure the outside of the reservoir (approximately 2.12") or you are welcome to use the contact us form and we can assist you further.

The tools option includes a billet handle that screws into the Schrader Valve to make installation and especially removal much easier. It also includes a schrader valve extension to make it easier to fill the nitrogen. This makes it more convenient to get your shocks recharged if you dont own a nitrogen fill setup or the shop that you take it to doesn't have the propoer tool to access the valve in the recess.




Shock Reservoir RACE / HD Endcap for FOX Shock 2.0"
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