Port / Flow / Oversize Valves Honda CRF110 Cylinder Head

Your Cylinder Head must be shipped to us, unless you choose the option to purchase a core head as well. If you purchase a complete core from us you can email us if you are interested in selling your stock core.

This is a Honda CRF 110 Ported Cylinder Head with High Performance multi angle valve job, heavy duty valve springs and oversize valves.

Increase the flow of your cylinder head for more power and torque. This is a perfect compliment to the big bore kits already available for the CRF 110 as well as stock engines just looking for more power.


Included in this service is the following:
- Remove Valves/Springs

- Beadblast Combustion Chamber

- Port / Flow Cylinder Head with HP valve job

- Backcut Oversize valves for more flow at all camshaft lifts

- Install New Valve Seals

- Install Oversize Valves/Heavy Duty Springs

Port / Flow / Oversize Valves Honda CRF110 Cylinder Head
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  • Item #: CRF110BVH
  • Manufacturer: JC Racing
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