Port / Flow Honda Ruckus Cylinder Head

Your Cylinder Head must be shipped to us, unless you choose the option to purchase a core head as well. If you purchase a complete core from us we will purchase your stock head if you want to sell it back. (Email for details regarding this) When shipping your head, please include the rocker arm assembly as well if you would like us to return the head with the valves adjusted.

Our core head includes the following: Cylinder head, intake and exhaust valves, Valve Spring seats, Valve Springs, Valve Spring Retainers and Valve Spring keepers.

If you would like to purchase the Rocker Arm assembly when purchasing our core head, please select it in the drop down menu.

If a High Performance Camshaft and the Rocker Arm Assembly (if buying our core head) is purchased at the same time as the head, we will install it at no charge AND include the necessary valve shims for proper clearances (Installed) at NO CHARGE

Increase the flow of your cylinder head for more power and torque. We offer porting suited to whatever type of riding you prefer. This is perfect for gaining power to achieve higher MPH and this also works perfectly with the big bore kits available. We Install NEW valve springs when reassembling as well.

Included in this service is the following:
- Remove Valves/Springs
- Clean Carbon from Valves
- Beadblast Combustion Chamber
- Port / Flow Cylinder Head
- Install New Valve Seals
- Reinstall Valves/NEW Springs

If you choose the Deck Cylinder option, this increases the compression ratio as well as overall horsepower. You are still able to run pump fuel without any problems any octane is fine between (87-93).


Port / Flow Honda Ruckus Cylinder Head
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  • Manufacturer: JC Racing
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