High Performance Engine Honda Ruckus


This engine is completely customizable to your budget. Available options are in the drop down lists and can be added to the engine package. Discounts are already figured into the prices when everything is purchased together.

We offer standard engine rebuilds as well or if you have a custom build you would like done (powdercoated engine, polished external, etc) send us a message and we will get you taken care of.

**Note that this basic engine package already includes the cylinder head porting (that is why it is not listed in the drop down options)**

High Performance Honda Ruckus Engine. 

Will include the following new parts:

- Modified OEM Piston Kit
- Modify Piston clearances to raise compression ratio
- Completely Ported Head and Modified Valves specifically for this engine package
- All gaskets/O-rings/Seals necessary
- New Variator/Drive side crank bearing if new crankshaft is not selected
- Spark Plug
- New Valve Springs
- Valve Seals
- Valve clearances are set and ready to run.

Here is a detailed list of what is being done to the engine before you get it
- Engine is disassembled completely, parts are cleaned in parts washer, everything is inspected for any wear or damage.
- Cylinder head is beadblasted in the combustion chamber as well as the intake and exhaust ports to remove all carbon and again inspect for any damage.
- Valves are inspected after cleaning to see if they are reuseable or not.
- New Valve Springs Installed.
- Crankshaft gets cleaned and inspected then the drive side bearing gets removed and a new one is pressed on.
- Cases/Cylinder are inspected after cleaning then cylinder gets bored/honed. It is washed thoroughly again to remove all metal from the boring process.
- Oil Pump, drive gear, cam chain is inspected for damage.
- Cam chain tensioner is cleaned and inspected.
- Piston is installed onto crankshaft, new seals installed, cases get put back together with the proper sealant.
- New valve seals are installed, valves are reinstalled into head (if no porting is done), head is installed onto cylinder/lower half of engine.
- Installation of Performance camshaft or the stock camshaft, then the timing is correctly set.
- Valve clearances are adjusted to specs.
- Installation of remaining components takes place(Water Pump, Head Cover, etc).
- Engine is turned over by hand to give it one final check/inspection before installing the spark plug.
- Engine is then boxed and packaged in a manner to avoid any damage even from a drop of 3-5 feet.
High Performance Engine Honda Ruckus
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  • Item #: JCHPRE01
  • Manufacturer: JC Racing
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