High Performance Camshaft for Honda Ruckus


This camshaft has more lift and more duration than the stock camshaft to make more power in the effective RPM range that the Ruckus engines prefer. More fuel/air mixture to be burned and more exhaust flowing out equals more power. If you are trying to extract every last bit of power from your scooter you will need one of these to do it.
This item (as well as any other camshaft) will require the adjustment of the valves to the correct tolerances. Installation by a mechanic is recommended.

The Hollowed option allows for a lighter camshaft for increased revving ability as well as a lighter rotating mass for the drivetrain freeing up a little power and RPM's along the entire powerband.

Thr Hollowed and WPC Treated option allows the same benefits of the hollow camshaft described above as well as the added benefit of the WPC Surface Treatment. This WPC treatment allows for reduced friction, greater durability, and increased power due to these characteristics.

High Performance Camshaft for Honda Ruckus
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  • Item #: JCHOC01
  • Manufacturer: JC Racing
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