Adjustable Aluminum Drag Struts


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**NEW Now Include STAR Finger Adjustable Jam Nuts**

These drag struts are machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and are adjustable through a 1.5” range from full in to full out. They also offer a significant weight savings over the stock shocks for up to 5 lbs each.

STAR Finger Adjustable Jam Nuts can be snugged down by hand for quick height adjustment and later tightened with an adjustable wrench for more torque.

They do not have to be removed to be adjusted as the heim joints are threaded opposite of each other. Simply loosen the jam nuts, twist the strut body to the left it gets longer or twist it to the right and it gets shorter, then retighten the jam nuts. This allows you to fine tune your ride height infinitely to adjust for deepening ruts in the sand/dirt to getting the optimal front/rear height bias for asphalt racing and everything in between.


Normal lengths (eye to eye) are 12.5” adjustable to 14.0”. These are the standard length most production quads will use. Custom lengths are available as there are many different frame / a-arm / swingarm combinations out there.

Heim joints used on these struts are a large 1/2". These are purposefully overbuilt to be strong yet still lightweight.

This auction is for a bare aluminum Complete set of 3 struts. They include the correct spacers to fit your model ATV, Please specify which year, make, model you have and which length you want. These are available and ship immediately once payment is received and you provide your information mentioned above.

If you are looking for a front set only or just a single rear strut please send me an email.

These struts fit the following ATV's, Honda - 250R , TRX450R , TRX700XX , TRX400EX , Yamaha - YFZ450 , Banshee , Raptor 660 and 700 , Blaster , Warrior , Suzuki - LTR450R , LT250R , LT500 , Kawasaki - KFX450R , Also fits custom chassis / Swingarm combos.

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17" (17" - 15.5")

16" (16" - 14.5")

15" (15" - 13.5")

14" (14" - 12.5")

13" (13" - 11.5")

12" (12" - 10.5")

11" (11" - 9.5")

10" (10" - 8.5")


We offer CNC prototyping as well as full production capability of a wide variety of parts. If you are interested in a quote please use the contact us page and we will get back with you as soon as possible. We can work off of simple sketches to full designed drawings.

Adjustable Aluminum Drag Struts
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