A-Arm Mud Plugs


This is a set of 2 billet aluminum mud plugs for the lower shock bolt tubes on aftermarket A-Arms. They are able to be used on the front and rear of the A-Arm. They utilize thick o-rings for a tight seal inside the A-Arm and have a lightening hole drilled to shave a little weight. 

This eliminates dirt and mud from packing in the open tube and helps protect from rocks / other debris from bending / crushing the tube.

Removal Tool is available in the drop down boxes below.


The PRO Version is threaded and recessed. It includes a stainess allen bolt that can be removed and we sell a pull tool that threads in for easy removal. These were made with feedback from some of our PRO riders. During instances where a faster removal is necessary to make suspension changes and/or shock removal, the pull tool will save some time.

When selecting from the drop down list please use these guidelines:

The Walsh version will fit Walsh A-Arms, JB Racing, Houser, Alba as well as any arm with a tube I.D. of around 0.800"

The ARS-FX version will fit ARS-FX A-Arms, LoneStar DC Pro as well as any arm with a tube I.D. of around 0.920"

A-Arm Mud Plugs
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  • Manufacturer: JC Racing
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