20mm Big Carb Kit for Ruckus / Metropolitan

Looking for more acceleration and power from your Honda Ruckus?

Here you go! This is the most complete kit on the market today as well as the only kit to include a solid intake manifold.

This Polished Aluminum manifold has been designed by JC Racing for the Honda Ruckus / Metro specifically and utilizes improved flow characteristics from the larger 20mm carb. The stock carburetor size is only a 15mm. When adding an exhaust to the Ruckus almost 100% of the time you will have to rejet the carb, it is sometimes hard to find the correct jets needed for the stock carb, this carb makes it easier. Not only do you get to remove the airbox with a free flowing air filter; you also get a complete carb kit with all needed jets to fine tune your scooter. This carb is also pre-modified to use on the Honda Ruckus / Metropolitan as well so no need to get your hands dirty to modify the carb, it is already done for you.

This kit will work on all year models of the Honda Ruckus from 2003-up. When using this kit on the Honda Metro you will have to make a clearance for the throttle cable near the storage area.

 All kits include the following components:
- (NEW Now Polished) Solid mount intake manifold (Other kits include a manifold with rubber mount that is known to rip)
- All kits include a plastic 6 compartment box for sorting/storing jets and other small items
- all o-rings/gaskets needed for install
- PC20 carburetor (Completely modified for use on the Ruckus, Drain fitting is trimmed, and choke lever is modified)
- Air filter
- Throttle cable
- Honda style flange bolts for mounting the carb to the manifold
- Main jet kit - 75, 78, 80, 82, 85, 87, 89 (in carb), 90, 92, 95
- Pilot jet kit - 35 (in carb),38, 40, 42 
- Adapter fitting for coolant line

20mm Big Carb Kit for Ruckus / Metropolitan
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  • Item #: JC20
  • Manufacturer: JC Racing
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